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Constellations - Explore Space Network Technologies with Industry Leaders

Oct 16, 2019

On this episode of the Constellations podcast, we will talk about the emergence of the ground segment-as-a-service.  We will also discuss how the space industry is shifting away from GEO satellites to LEO and MEO satellites and how that is affecting the ground segment. Find out the importance of having increased coverage in the southern hemisphere for the growing LEO and MEO satellites. Additionally, learn about the advantages of rapidly being able to have access to teleport capabilities on demand and the types of companies that benefit the most from this new business model.


Listen to Mark Thompson, CEO of Capricorn Space, talk about his company’s role in the emerging ground segment-as-a-service industry. We caught up with Mark at the Small Sat Conference where we also discussed the importance of Australia in the space industry, including the country’s role in tracking the Apollo missions. He also discusses the newly formed Australian Space Agency and its role in increasing the level of profile of space activities in Australia.