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Constellations - Explore Space Network Technologies with Industry Leaders

Nov 29, 2017

Rick Lober discusses how the government can take advantage of the latest commercial satcom technologies to lower costs and improve mission performance.  He shares his thoughts on the rapidly advancing UAV technologies, the future of High Throughput Satellites (HTS) in the military and how the government is using satcom...

Nov 29, 2017

Andrew Rush shares his thoughts on how 3-D printing in space will enable people to sustainably live and work in space. He discusses how time in space is a precious commodity and how manufacturing in space helps maximize that time by augmenting the mission and increasing astronaut productivity. And, listen as...

Nov 14, 2017

Rob Rainhart, Senior Vice President of Engineering at HawkEye 360, shares his thoughts on the technology, applications and future potential of space based RF mapping and analytics.