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Constellations - Explore Space Network Technologies with Industry Leaders

May 6, 2020

Learn about the unique opportunities and challenges in the ground station-as-a-service business model. Find out about the drivers behind the growth in this segment, such as the greater demand for data. Discover the difference between traditional ground system operations and new business models which make space more accessible and affordable. In this episode, you will also hear about the growing interest that venture capitalist have in small satellites and the valuable data they produce. 

Listen to Brad Brode, CTO/CIO and Founder of Atlas Space Operations describe how his company is changing the landscape of the traditional ground station. Learn how the Atlas’ ground station-as a service manages risk and security in the cloud and how they stream the data through patent pending software-as-a-service solution. He also talks about the need for quicker access to data in the Earth Observation (EO) market and how they solve the problem of latency by integrating as many third party antennas as possible.