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Constellations - Explore Space Network Technologies with Industry Leaders

Oct 2, 2019

On the Constellations podcast we’ll talk about how the explosion in satellite capacity and new technology capabilities are dramatically impacting the ground segment. The space segment with High Throughput Satellites and new mega-constellations are often the focus of the industry, but the ground segment is critical to the success of this end-to-end system. The space and ground segment need to work in tandem to deliver on the promise of satcom and earth observation applications. In this episode find out how the ground segment is evolving and the forecast for the future.

Today, we have someone uniquely qualified to discuss how the ground segment is rapidly evolving to meet the new demands of the advanced satellites in space. Pacôme Révillon is the Chief Executive Officer of Euroconsult, a leading global consulting firm specializing in space markets. He has 15 years of experience working in the space sector and consults with high-level clients, particularly in satellite broadcasting, communications and finance. In this podcast, Pacôme will share some insights from Euroconsult’s executive report on the “Ground Segment Market Prospects – Forecasts for 2028”.