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Constellations - Explore Space Network Technologies with Industry Leaders

Dec 11, 2018

From connected cars, planes and boats there is an ever increasing need for “always-on” seamless broadband connectivity while on the move. There are still obstacles to overcome in order to reach uninhibited, global connectivity. Bill Marks, Chief Strategy Officer and Executive Vice President of Kymeta explains how flat-panel satellite antenna systems address these challenges and is making the vision of always-on mobile and global broadband connectivity a reality. He shares insights into flat-panel antenna trials and evaluations on yachts, buses and SUVs and the feedback from customers that has helped advance the technology. Bill also talks about the challenges in making the technology work and deploying it on a mass scale and what makes their offering unique in the market. The application of the technology for mission critical efforts such as disaster recovery and military communications-on-the move is also discussed. Finally, find how Bill thinks the mobile communications market will evolve and change in the next five years as flat panel technology becomes even more mature and widely deployed.